Branding is an ongoing process that moves brands and keeps them alive – branding is the brand’s life management built on common sense, ensuring its longevity or even immortality.

Our brand services cover the following areas:

We support defining the life plan, setting strategic goals and executing tactics of its achievement.

Our strategic services include:

  • Brand platform and communication strategy
  • Brand messaging and implementation
  • Brand Architecture
  • Support in brand research

At the first touch with the brand, people notice, evaluate and remember: name, logo, mark and color combination. Each of these identity elements enable the brand to stand out and differentiate from competitors. When those elements flow out of the Brand Platform, the brand will be noticed, remembered and most importantly, PREFERRED.

We ensure that “the Most Important” happens and provide:

  • Naming: first and most powerful brand signal
  • Brand visualization: logos, symbols, fonts, color modes
  • Sonic branding: sound of the brand
  • Campaign’s Visual Concept and POS design
  • Corporate style and Fonts
  • Visual Guideline – Brand Book
  • Packaging; Exhibition stands and sales kit

When Brand Platform is designed, it is easier and safer to work on the creative side of the brand because you know exactly what the message, tone of voice and appearance that creative should have:

  • Advertising campaign’s idea
  • Advertising campaign’s scenario and plan; including TVC and Radio scenarios
  • TV commercial, Radio, Web, Print and other non-standard communication material production
  • Communication Strategy elaboration
  • Communication plan
  • Media planning and buying

It is no longer sufficient to launch a website to enter the digital realm. Today it is necessary to consider the impact of social networks, mobile media, search engine optimization, widgets, blogs, etc.

Our Digital Branding team knows how to maximize the impact of a comprehensive digital strategy, including:

  • Website creation
  • Mobile – messaging content and reach
  • Animation – to make brand live
  • Viral – to infect with brand all and everything
  • Social media (e.g. Facebook, etc) – to keep friends close
  • Video Production

Every brand should create a relevant environment in the physical space it occupies because it is one of the powerful Brand’s touch point.

No matter if it is a corporate lobby, a showroom, an office, a retail outlet, or a sales point, everything should bear the idea of the brand to create an appropriate brand AURA appealing to customers.

This is especially true for retail and service brands; it should be a destination, something attractive and interesting to visit. People should LOVE to be in there.

Therefore we offer:

  • Brand space – interior and exterior Design
  • Content design and planning including: sound, smell and touch identification along with content essence
  • Event design
  • Trade-shows, etc.

It is important that sales are organized around the brand platform and performed as per brand strategy.

We can assist in:

  • Drawing distribution maps
  • Elaborating sales force selection criteria
  • Outlet and distributor selection policy
  • Pricing and margin recommendations
  • Web sales
  • International Sales: geography definition, market (country) conditions of entry, cultural and commercial rules of game
  • In store merchandizing

In other words, we will assist the brand to achieve sales targets through: right channels, right pricing, right in – store appearance, right merchandizing, and right sales force – by right distributors.

Good strategy is not enough to LIVE the brand; it needs effective execution. We support companies to launch the brand in the market and successfully manage it for a long time.

We are ready to accompany the brand. This is especially appropriate for the companies that do not want or do not have large marketing teams to manage the brand. In this case we take all execution work with strategic consultancy and planning and leave a company with more time to think about strategic issues.